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20 Types of dye materials are selected. Most of them are plants, including flowers, fruits and roots. Two are insects. Two types of mineral are used as mordants.

Chinese: 薯莨

English: Shoulang Yam

Scientific Name:  Dioscorea matsudai hayata

Part: Root

Category: Plant


Shoulang yam (Discorea polystachya) is a type of yam that is native to Asia, particularly China, as well as Taiwan and other nearby countries. It is a climbing vine that produces underground tubers that are a rich source of starch, protein, vitamins, and minerals.


The tubers of shoulang yam are a popular food in many Asian countries and are used in a variety of dishes, such as soups, stews, and stir-fries. They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine for their purported health benefits, such as strengthening the digestive system and improving circulation.


In addition to its culinary and medicinal uses, shoulang yam is also used in other industries. The tubers are rich in tannins and can be used to produce oak gum, which is used in the manufacture of ink, dyes, and adhesives. The starch extracted from the tubers can also be used in the production of various industrial products, such as ethanol and plastics.


薯莨是一種山藥,原產於亞洲,尤其是中國,台灣及鄰近國家。 它是纏繞藤本植物,可產生富含澱粉、蛋白質、維生素和礦物質的地下塊莖。


薯莨的塊莖在許多亞洲國家是受歡迎的食物,用於各種菜餚,如湯、燉菜和炒菜。 它還用於傳統中藥,因為據稱對健康有益,例如可加強消化系統和改善血液循環。



 1.  Logwood

 2.  Lac bugs

 3.  Comfrey

 4.  Cochineal

 5.  Madder

 6.  Connected shell

 7.  Knotweed

 8.  Huai Mi

 9.  pomegranate peel

10. Wormwood

11. Reseda(Weld)

12. winter green

13. cork

14. onion skin

15. chestnut

16. coconut

17. Hanna

18. five companions

19. black bean coat

20. Viola



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